•  Nature's  blue dye,  mysterious and magical comes from the green leaves of the  indigo plant.

  • An ancient dye that  dates  4000 - 6000 BC, used for thousands of years by cultures throughout the world.  Remnants of blue indigo cloth have reportedly been found in Egyptian tombs.

  • Thousands of  plant varieties,  only about 20  to 30  have enough indigo pigment or 'indican' to  produce  the  dye. 

  • Southern plantations used a unique and labor intensive process of extraction, which involves fermentation and oxidation.

  • An important part of South Carolina  eighteenth century history as a huge cash crop, second only to rice, with exports  of a million pounds annually, mostly to the British.

  •  Credit for the  South's indigo industry  given to the remarkable, young (16 year old) Eliza Lucas Pickney.

  • Grows wild along the dirt roads of Daufuskie Island!